What is the difference Between Roller and Gua sha

Massage with a roller and a scraper of gua sha has become a part of the beauty routine for many ladies. Today we are finding out what this beauty tools are for and how to do a massage with their help.

What is gua sha

Gua sha is the name of a massage technique that came to us from medieval China along with the name of the tool itself. The scraper plate is traditionally cut from a stone or a horn. The essence of the procedure is to guide the edges of the plate along the lines of the face or neck, working through the tissues, improving microcirculation, and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Why it works?

Stones have been used in the East since ancient times, and this is the reason for such high confidence in them. Stone healing has stood the test of time. In addition, the method does not require special medical knowledge and additional devices, so this massage is convenient to do at home.

Due to the pressure applied during the massage, the blood flow improves, and therefore, the skin is toned, and wrinkles are smoothed. This was confirmed in a research by German and American scientists.

A stone can provide much more pressure than a roller or a manual massage. Same as with rollers, scrubbing massage improves blood circulation, increases lymph flow, relaxes muscles, relieves swelling and removes toxins.

Quartz rollers

These massagers quickly became one of the trendiest facial tools - especially in the world of Instagram and beauty bloggers. The Natural Stone Roller has become known for its ability to enhance the skin's natural glow by:

  • stimulation of lymphatic drainage
  • detoxification of skin tissues
  • awakening a healthy complexion
  • improving blood circulation to nourish the skin from the inside.

How it works

This tool and the technique of use is slightly lighter than gua sha, but still provides similar health benefits to your skin. Since the quartz roller doesn't require much time or experience, it's the perfect tool if you don’t have much time.

In addition, due to the specific properties of the stone itself, rollers provide a holistic approach to maintaining your skin's health and wellness.

For even greater benefits, store your quartz roller in the refrigerator. This is a quick and convenient way to:

refresh your complexion

reduce puffiness (especially around the eyes!)

soothe inflammation

stimulate the blood circulation;

tighten and tone the skin;

Contraindications to self-massage

In addition to common contraindications, massage with gua sha and the roller is not recommended to perform when any invasive procedures took place (injections, fillers, botox, etc). Plate movements can dislodge the filler. In addition, massage stimulates blood circulation. Therefore, it is best to wait three to six months before returning to the massage. Any inflammation, active stages of acne, rash, allergies can also be attributed to contraindications. During this period, you can focus on working with the neck, thereby helping the lymph to mitigate the inflammatory process.

11 May 2021
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