TOP 5 facts about anti-age care

Aging is an inevitable process. Everyone's genetics are different, and we all age differently. Some have wrinkles and a dull complexion, others pigmentation and a loss of skin elasticity.

Unfortunately, there is no universal anti-aging remedy that can defeat aging process. It is also not worth sweeping all anti-age products from store shelves. But figuring out how to care properly for the aging skin is the right decision. Our new article is a selection of anti-age facts that are rarely talked about.

 Fact # 1: Sun damage at 20 affects the skin at 40

The visible signs of sun damage may not be as severe at an early age but may appear later in the form of dark spots, fine lines, loose skin, and even fairly deep wrinkles. Therefore, it is important to use a product that has SPF in its formula all year round. Apply it on your face and neck every day, regardless of the weather forecast. If you spend time in the sun, renew your sun protection continuously throughout your sun exposure on all exposed skin areas.

Fact # 2: Effective nonorganic anti-age products

Organic cosmetics are adored. It is in fashion because she is very (as much as possible) natural. But what is natural is not always universal. Organic products certainly have a beneficial effect on the skin. But, for example, if you add nonorganic peptides and hyaluronic acid, the result will be many times better.

Fact # 3: Changing brands so the skin does not get use to them is not necessary.

If your favourite remedy has stopped working, this is not a reason to throw it away. Most likely, some changes occurred in the body: hormonal disruptions, cold viruses, etc. During this period, stop using cosmetics for several days, visit a doctor to find out if everything is in order with your health. And only then draw conclusions.

Fact # 4: Choosing right cosmetics.

If you do not care for your skin when you are 25 years old and look great, you still should not think that in a several years your skin will look as good. With the hectic lifestyle that many now lead, it is impossible to maintain a good and fresh appearance of the skin for a long time without care. It is important to match care according to your age. Cosmetic brands do not just create lines for the skin 20+, 25+, 35+ and so on. Proper care is based on choosing a product that will match the condition of the skin.

Fact # 5: Not only drastic measures are effective in the fight against aging

It all depends on the goals and preferences. There are many procedures in cosmetology, each is effective for certain purposes. Of course, at the age of 40-50, when deep wrinkles appear, it is reasonable to think about thread lifting or laser methods. But, again, everything is individual and depends both on the genetic characteristics of a person and on the professionalism of the doctor.

11 May 2021
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