How to choose a foundation and how to apply it

Choosing the right texture of the foundation is key of a good makeup. Propper chosen foundation not only creates an effect of "perfect skin", but also to take care of your skin. How to choose the right foundation for your face and how to apply it? Find out about it in our new article.

Choosing the right colour

When choosing a foundation, it is necessary to consider not only the type and the tone of the skin, but also what kind of picture you would like to get aa a result.

For example, remember that in summer the skin tone is darker than in winter, so the foundation should also be of a different tone, but the same undertone as the skin (cold, warm or neutral).

Cosmetologists and make-up artists recommend choosing a foundation that is a tone lighter than your skin. A foundation even a tone darker will look unnatural, and too light will add pallor to the face and create an unhealthy look.

It is important to know that testing the foundation on your hand is the wrong tactic. The product should be tested directly on the face (chin, forehead, cheeks), as well as on the neck and décolleté.

How to choose the foundation based on your skin type?

Skin type: oily

Mineral foundations or foundations with a matte finish are ideal. You should in every possible way avoid "heavy" products and too dense foundations. For the product to work properly on oily skin, it must be well absorbed without leaving an oily sheen.

Skin type: dry

Before applying any foundation, you need to moisturize the skin well with a cream or an emulsion. The base of the product you will be using should be creamy. This will provide good coverage and will also provide additional moisture throughout the day.

Skin type: combination

If the skin tends to be oily in only some areas, avoid textures that are too oily. Try mixing several shades for the best effect.

Skin type: sensitive

Do not buy products that contain alcohol or flavourings. Mineral oils also should be avoided. Talc is also not the best ingredient for those with sensitive skin.

One of the main rules for this type is individual care. It is good to choose from a variety of pharmacy brands.

How to apply foundation

The foundation can be applied all over the face or on a particular area. It could be done in several ways and with the help of various tools.


Choose brushes made of artificial fibres. They serve for a long time and it is convenient to regularly wash them with warm water and a soap, so that they do not become a habitat for bacteria and do not cause inflammation on the skin.

Medium-sized flat brushes are great for applying liquid foundation to tricky areas such as the nose and eyelids.

Beauty blender (drop-shaped sponge)

Application of the foundation with sponges is very effective. They are convenient for creating textures of different densities. If the sponge is slightly damp, you can get a very light, almost weightless makeup. And with a dry sponge, you can effectively mask any skin imperfections.


The easiest way is to apply the tone is with your fingertips. But in this case, the product must be preheated - this way it is much easier to distribute it evenly over the skin. In addition to its obvious simplicity, this method is also the most economical.

20 May 2021
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