What is microblading. Interesting facts

The technique of microblading (micropigmentation) of eyebrows exists on the market of cosmetic services for several years now. However, not everyone knows what lies behind the word of eyebrow microblading. We have collected the most important and interesting facts about this procedure.

What is it?

Microblading (micro - small) is a manual eyebrow colour correction. Using a special handle with a thin blade, the master makes small cuts and drives pigment into the epidermis.

Interesting facts about the procedure

Fact 1: Microblading is not a permanent make-up (eyebrow tattooing).

Microblading differs from the permanent make-up. With permanent make-up, micro-punctures are applied to the skin, and during the microblading procedure, small incisions are applied. In addition, microblading is drawn with strictly thin lines that imitate hairs. If the procedure is performed using a powdery technique, shading is also carried out.

Fact 2: Pain is tolerable enough.

Many ladies know what eyebrow permanent make-up is and how it is done. And they probably also know that this procedure is painful. Microblading is much less painful, especially when anesthetized by a technician. Another difference is that the depth of incisions of the skin with a needle is much smaller. However, this does not affect the duration and quality of the effect.

Fact 3: After microblading, the eyebrows do not look like being drawn.

Microblading allows you most naturally reconstruct eyebrows that are partially or completely absent. Volume, contour, and definition to the eyebrows can be added. Effect of tinted eyebrows or henna eyebrows are also can be achieved.

A variety of techniques are designed to give any eyebrows a well-groomed and natural look. In each of techniques, the master manually draws a hair, shadow, or creates a powder effect.

Fact 4: The paint can change colour after the procedure.

Unfortunately, if microblading is done not by professionals, therefore, the procedure may be violated. Materials for micropigmentation are also not always selected of high quality. However, when using professional pigments, as well as when performing the procedure by a qualified master, the colour change over time will be quite insignificant. If you do correction after 6-8 months, the colour will disappear.

03 Jul 2021
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