clock 3 hour
Ombre eyebrows / Powder Brows / Instabrows
locationSW36RT Rad

The Permanent Make-Up service occurs in 6 stages:
1. Consultation and going through the paperwork (20 minutes)
2. Pre-Drawing and shape agreement (20 minutes)
3. Applying numbing cream if this is requested (15 minutes)
4. Tattooing (60 to 90 minutes depending on skin type)
5. Final touch for maximum perfection (15 minutes)
6. Step by step aftercare instructions (10 minutes)

*Aftercare Ointment provided*

*On-going support for each client during the healing process and after*

☆ £30 discount available for your consent to use photo/video material on social media☆

InstabrowsOmbre eyebrowsEyebrow pre-drawingHealed eyebrows

clock 2 hour
Powder brows
locationE14 8SD Iana
I'm mobile

It’s semi permanent treatment

Powder browsPowder browsPowder browsPowder brows

clock 2 hour
Powder eyebrows
locationE11 3PH Oksana

Powder eyebrowsPowder eyebrowsPowder eyebrowsPowder eyebrowsPowder eyebrows

£150 - Powder eyebrows
£50 - Touch up

clock 60 min
locationNW9 5QE Anna

From waxing to tweezing, tinting and more...
Good Brows!
Good Mood!
Good Day!


clock 1 hour
Powder eyebrows (permanent makeup)
locationIG6 2HJ Maria

Powder eyebrows (permanent makeup)Powder eyebrows (permanent makeup)Powder eyebrows (permanent makeup)Powder eyebrows (permanent makeup)

clock 90 min
Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows
locationSE14 Snizhana

All what I like it's really good materials, so I use one of my favorite InLai.
I work from home SE14, New Cross
The price between 30 and 40 £
Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows ?
Waiting for you ?

Lamination of eyelashes ?Lamination > Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrowsLamination > Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrowsLamination > Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrowsLamination > Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrowsLamination > Lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows

clock 30 min
Brow Henna
locationSE7 7NP Daria

Brow HennaBrow HennaBrow HennaBrow HennaBrow Henna

clock 2 hour
Micropimentation brows, lips

Organic products

Micropimentation brows,lipsMicropimentation brows,lipsMicropimentation brows,lipsMicropimentation brows,lips

clock 1 hour
Eyebrow lamination
locationWD17 4PW Anastasia
I'm mobile

vitamin / Botox gift

clock 45 min
Eyebrow lamination
locationSE18 6XD Ksenija
I'm mobile

Sexy Brow lamination

Eyebrow lamination

clock 30 hour
Eyebrow tinting
locationRM3 0AB Snejana

£10 - colouring with levisiima

£15 - with tweezers

Eyebrow tintingEyebrow tintingEyebrow tinting

clock 1 hour
Eyebrow shaping
locationCR07AE Mara

From £9

Eyebrow shapingEyebrow shapingEyebrow shaping

£15 - Eyebrow wax & shape
£17 - Eyebrow tint & shape
£9 - Eyelash tint

clock 3 hour
Powder eyebrows
locationHA90GQ Giada

Powder eyebrowsPowder eyebrowsPowder eyebrows

clock 1 hour
Eyebrow lamination
locationE6 3BG Rita
I'm mobile

Laminiation shape tint

Eyebrow laminationLvl lash liftEyebrow lamination

clock 30 min
locationRM19 1TY Anna

shape + tint

clock 30 min
Eyebrow tint
locationIG117NT Marina

clock 30 min
Henna eyebrows
locationHA6 1NZ Christine

Henna eyebrows

clock 30 min
Eyebrow Wax & Shape
locationW14 0 Makeup Artist Adelina
I'm mobile

Eyebrows Services

clock 120 min
Powder Effect Eyebrows
locationSW3 3QU Sarah

Powdered brows have a soft makeup look and works great for clients with oily, dark or even mature skin.

Powder Effect Eyebrows

clock 46 min
Brow lamination
locationE143GQ Agnese

Includes tint and shape

Brow lamination

clock 15 min
Eyebrows Tint
locationTW9 2DD Natalia
I'm mobile

clock 50 min
Henna brows and vax
locationDA1 5GF Zaneta

Henna brows and vax

Brow architecture henna
locationN146QP Milena

Eyelashes lamination lift

clock 30 min
Brow shape&tint
locationSE83LY Ksenia
I'm mobile

Brow shape tweezers/threading/wax &tint

Brow shape&tint

clock 1 hour
Brow lamination and tint
locationE3 5QS Liuda

Brow lamination and tint

clock 1 hour
locationNW9 9BL Alina

Brow lamination

clock 2 hour
locationEN3 6LY Catalina

Top up included!

⏳Duration: 2hrs

Location: EN3 (Enfield)

clock 60 min
locationNW3 2EN Olga

clock 5 min
Eyebrows wax
locationKT2 6LX NeWin Beauty studios

clock 60 min
Eyebrows arquithecture
locationN14 4TN Viktoriya

clock 30 min
Henna brows
locationSW165SR Sandra

£5 - henna brows
£10 - with plucking

clock 30 min
Eyebrow Shape & Tint
locationTW12 2HY Agata

If you want fuller, well-defined brows that last from three to five weeks, book in for a wax and tint.

* First, you and your brow therapist choose a colour tint based on your eye, skin and hair colours, and discuss what shape you prefer your brows to have.

* Then your eyebrows are cleaned and prepped.

* Next, a gentle warm wax, designed to be kind to your skin is then applied and removed in the opposite direction of the growth.

* Then the tint is thoroughly applied and left to process.

* Last, your eyebrows are wiped clean using a cotton pad.

Every eye makeover begins with bold and stunning brows.

Please note: A patch test is required 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

clock 2 hour
Brow and upper eyelid lift
locationIG9 5AZ Dr Reygan

clock 30 min
Eyebrow correction
locationN17 8LH Natalie

£20 - 1 session
£110 - 6 sessions

clock 1 hour
Powder Brows
locationRM81BW Tanya

clock 1 hour
Henna brow shape
locationE15 1DY Anastasia

clock 25 min
Eyebrows threading & coloring
locationUB5 6YN Alexandra
I'm mobile

clock 5 min
Upper lip or Brows
locationUB6 7AE Alona

clock 40 min
Eyebrows and lash tint and reshape
locationSW16 1TJ Maha
I'm mobile

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